Practice Areas

Employment law

We represent a wide range of clients on employment-related matters in addition to drafting and reviewing employment contracts in tandem with our labour laws.

Our services in this area also encompass the full spectrum of dispute resolution mechanisms that involve unionized representation and employment law litigation.

Given the complexities of the land tenure system and the accompanying laws in Kenya, it has become necessary to apply extra diligence in all land transactions. We are well versed in the various land regimes in Kenya and we apply that knowledge to our clients’ matters with a view to achieving their desired outcome. We also handle any dispute resolution related and incidental to the process.

Land Law & Conveyancing

Probate & Administration

Dealing with the property of a deceased relative can be a tedious and convoluted process, but it does not have to be. We are experienced in handling all succession matters, both testate and intestate. We also help our clients with litigation in instances where the succession matters are contested.

We run a vibrant intellectual property practice that boasts highly skilled professionals. We advice our clients on all aspects of intellectual property protection ranging from identification to registration and enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property

Banking and Securities

Our team is uniquely qualified to efficiently handle all matters relating to the business of banking. We have built a practice that efficiently helps our clients to wade through the legal minefield that banking and securities law may sometimes turn out to be. We also handle a substantial amount of banking and securities related litigation and transactions.

We routinely offer legal services in the area of constitutional and administrative law litigation. We also provide tailor-made legal advice to our clients in government in the area of administrative law.

Constitutional and Administrative law

Dispute resolution

Our team is highly qualified in the area of dispute resolution. We boast professionals uniquely qualified and accredited in the area of alternative dispute resolution. We also have a vibrant litigation team that represents our clients before various, boards, tribunals and courts.

We offer advice on a wide range of legal issues, including emerging topical matters in the legal spectrum.  We also provide consultancy services to individuals, companies and government.

Legal & Business Consultancy